Was Timothy Dalton a good Bond?

In my opinion yes, but many of my friends disagree with me, which is why I have decided to justify my reasons. First let me just tell you I am a HUGE Bond Fan. I have done extensive research on the man and the series and have seen all the movies and have read a couple of the original Ian Fleming novels. Anyways, Dalton was a good Bond for one simple reason. He portrayed the Bond from the novels .Unlike Roger Moore’s comic and in my opinion subpar Bond, Dalton portrayed a darker and wary Bond. Dalton’s Bond rarely smiled and had an intense gaze that sent the ladies swooning. He was also almost reluctant to  do his job and never seemed to be at ease with it. A famous quote from “The Living Daylights” shows this attitude, “Stuff my orders! … Tell M what you want. If he fires me, I’ll thank him for it.” While critics said, that Dalton lacked humor, that was the point! The Bond in the novels was never a happy camper. If you look past the glamour, what you come up with is a tough hard drinking killer whose two main relationships with women ended tragically. (Vesper Lynd and Tracy Bond). 

“Monday Mornings” TNT’s new medical show is quite good

31622Warning contains a couple of spoilers

I recently came across this new show called “Monday Mornings”. It’s about the staff at an elite hospital, Chelsea General which is located in Portland, Oregon and is based on a novel written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The show particularly focuses on the weekly morbidity and mortality conferences that occur every week. These conferences are where doctor reports are reviewed and the poorest results (ex. death of a patient) are analyzed. The conference is headed by Dr. Harding Hooten, the strict Chief of Staff of the hospital, played by Alfred Molina. I’m a big fan of Alfred Molina, I found him to be one of the only good things in Law and Order: Los Angeles. He does particularly well in playing Hooten, who is quite a complex character. Hooten is a dedicated Chief of Staff, who never hesitates to demolish any doctor he thinks has made a mistake (including friends of his). However, he can be extremely compassionate with patients and their family members. He shaves his head to make a young leukaemia patient laugh.

All in all, its the characters that make this show great in my opinion. A few of my favs include Dr. “El Gato”  Villanueva played by the amazing Ving Rhames. Gato as he is called by his coworkers is the Chief of Trauma at the hospital, and is the good cop to Hooten’s bad cop. I’ve only mentioned two but the rest of the characters are as complex and interesting. This is definitely a show I would recommend.

My apologies

I just want to say to my followers if any, my sincerest apologies of the lack of posts on my blog!! I have had a very busy month, but now I am back :). I recently got back from Nesw York City, which was awesome!! Anywhoo, I saw some broadway plays which reviews of will be posted shortly.Among these will be a comparison of both Breakfast at Tiffany’s the movie and the play. I have also ventured into a new genre of tv, the dramatic medical shows. More on that later though. Well I’m going to leave u with a little clip to end this post with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgk-Gu-4MX8 (pay attention to 0.11 s)

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